Production Facility


Designing and production of the garments takes place at our factory in Navi Mumbai where we have a floor area, an infrastructure that will cater to volume and quality.

We have adequate machinery for sewing and finishing at our factory, where we produce more than 60,000-80,000 pieces per month.

The machinery and equipment includes high-speed lock-stitch machines, button holing, and button stitching, bar tacking, placket machine, elastic attaching machine, feed of the arm, steamed irons.


Design & R&D

  • Trends Forecasting
  • Fabric Mill Presentations
  • Collections Development
  • Collections Presentation
  • Adaptations of Collections
  • Prototyping


  • Quality Check
  • Fabric Shrinkage Tests
  • Fit & Size Set Samples
  • Salesman Samples


  • Pilot Run
  • TOP Samples
  • Sewing Production
  • AQL Check
  • Final Inspection Scan
  • Pack and Dispatch

Supply Chain

Our experience in raw materials sourcing over the years has given us a wide variety of cost effective and reliable supply chain management options.

Apart from having high quality standards, we also believe in having reliable suppliers that help sustain us at all levels. Maintaining good relations with our suppliers has built an image of trust in the minds of our suppliers and they continue giving us uninterrupted service.

SQ Collections always has its employees, suppliers and partners to share its values.

A healthy list of suppliers is the backbone of our business.